Alpine-style sauna at our wellness hotel in Val Pusteria/Pustertal

The sauna area at our wellness hotel in Val Pusteria/Pustertal is a place of relaxation and wholesome care. Every day, from 12 to 7.30 p.m. you can let the heat cleanse your body and enjoy a sense of carefree, light-hearted wellbeing in a relaxing atmosphere, with the added benefit of a fantastic panorama. Check out our sauna programme, with three sauna infusions (the so-called “Aufguss”) and herbal body peels a day.

Infusion Sauna "Experience"

This Finnish sauna in noble walnut has a temperature of 80 - 85 ° C and 10 - 20% humidity. It strengthens the immune system and mobilizes the defense, but also trains the heart and circulation, reduces blood pressure, cleanses the body and relaxes the muscles. It also improves the perfusion of respiratory mucous membranes and increases overall performance. Regular saunaing prevents hyperacidity, prevents skin aging and relieves headaches and migraines.

Bio-soft herbal sauna made from Swiss pine wood

The ideal choice for beginners and guests with circulatory problems. With a temperature range of 55 to 65°C and a humidity rate between 35 and 45%, intense perspiration starts soon, allowing for quick body detoxification. The herbal mix from our own garden (including marigold, apple lemon balm, lemon balm, and peppermint) helps the body relax. The view helps, too.

Panoramic infusion sauna

With a temperature of 80 °C and 10 to 20% humidity, this Finnish sauna is ideal for everyone, including beginners. The Finnish sauna strengthens the immune system and trains the cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure, detoxifies the body and relaxes the muscles. It also improves the perfusion of the respiratory system, increase overall efficiency. Plus… the panoramic view is just fantastic!

Sorapiss brine steam bath

This brine steam bath, named after one of the Dolomites’ most impressive mountain lakes, offers you a spa experiences of the finest sort, with an ideal combination of 40 to 45 °C heat, 100% humidity and salt water. This brine steam bath has anticonvulsant effect, cleansing, wholesome and relaxing effects. The skin pores open up, maximising the purifying effect of facial masks and peels. Moreover, inhaling the brine steam has anti-inflammatory and expectorant effects and helps improve circulation.

A crystal bath

The ideal place for beauty care. The temperature of 40 to 45 °C, combined with 100% humidity, helps the pores open up allowing the masks or peels to penetrate deeper into the skin layers. A visit to this steam bath also strengthens the immune system, activates blood circulation and helps free the airways. Take advantage of your holiday at our wellness Hotel in Val Pusteria/Pustertal to do something good for your body!

Finnish sauna in kelo wood

With a temperature of 90 °C and 10 to 20% humidity, this particular sauna is for the experienced sauna-goers. It strengthens the immune- and cardiovascular systems, cleanses the body, relaxes the muscles and improves blood perfusion in the respiratory system. Regular sauna sessions can help you prevent acidosis and skin aging, and relieves headaches and migraine.

Infrared lounger – wholesome heat

A special treat awaits you at our wellness hotel in Val Pusteria/Pustertal. With its radiant heat, the infrared lounger raises your body temperature. While you relax on the lounger, your body undergoes an effective fitness programme. Besides ensuring relaxation even to heat-sensitive guests, the relatively low temperature – ranging from 38 to 55°C – also stimulates perspiration without straining the body. The secret of this heat cabin is the pleasant warmth that is transmitted to the skin directly from the radiation source, leading to a significant increase in perspiration.

Non-nude steam bath

With a temperature ranging from 40 to 42°C and 100% humidity, the clothed Turkish bath is suitable also for children and teenagers. It helps strengthen the immune system, clear the airways, and provides wellbeing for the body and the mind.

Non-nude bio sauna

This is the gentle alternative to the Finnish sauna – an ideal choice for beginners, children and adolescents. The temperature of 50 to 60 °C and the humidity rate ranging from 30 to 40% , paired with the scent of fresh herbs from our garden (marigold, apple lemon balm, lemon balm, and peppermint), induces  a state of deep relaxation. The healthy, vitalizing inhalation in the herbal sauna improves general wellbeing, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the metabolism and clears the airways.

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